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For years, aspiring music artists have searched for the perfect software tool: A high-performance suite of audio tools all combined into one package that is easy to use and affordable. Various free solutions exist, such as Audacity, but unfortunately, their functionality can be quite limited and performance less than spectacular. What musicians need now in the digital era is a proven application with powerful audio tools that can accomplish anything the demands of the home studio can come up with. Magix Music Maker is that software solution.

Magix Music Maker is extremely versatile. With tons of different input methods, from live MIDI capture to sound samples, it is able to take in every type of audio input. It is fully compatible with all sorts of VST plug-ins, so all your favorite sound engines can be used. The multi-tracking functionality is superb--users can enjoy 64 tracks, and up to 96 tracks with Magix Music Maker Premium. It's hard to imagine what kind of music project would even require that many separate tracks!

Magix Music Maker has gone through a lot of revisions over the years, mainly because it's just been around for a long, long time--almost 20 years since it's initial release. This means that not only is it a proven piece of high-quality software; it's also been receiving constant improvements and fine-tuning since it's original release in 1994. 18 years of work have led to a rock-solid virtual studio for your music.

It's clear to the millions of users who already enjoy Magix Music Maker that this software is the obvious first choice for any serious musician, from home recording artists to professional composers. With its vast array of features and stable, reliable performance, it's not hard to see why it's the most popular music editing software in the U.K.

MAGIX Music Maker is an adept piece of audio production software for beginners and experts alike. The 2014 version has been equipped with tons of tools to help you master the art of making sick beats. There are over 3,000 loops installed within the software, which makes getting started a total breeze. This application is also suited for direct input, so you can plug in your microphone and instruments to get going right away. Looping is this program's specialty, and each creation can feature 99 tracks simultaneously. If you want to become a boss DJ, then download MAGIX Music Maker today!


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